Salers Cattle

At Poldean we run 300 pure Salers breeding cows. Using a hassle free policy with only the very best cows being bred pure to produce replacments. We chose Salers as our breed of cow based on her maternal ability. Calving is not an issue even using some of the most extreme Charolais bulls.

We select cows on Fertility, Feet, Udders, foraging ability and the ability to look after herself. The bottom third of our cows are put to the Charolais and the calves are sold at 10 -11 months

as stores. The surplus pure heifers are sold in Castle Douglas at the Premier sale. Calving is from the middle of May onwards all done outside, Alisdair does all tagging castration and dehorning by himself using our homemade calf catcher

Health -

  • Members of SAC health scheme since 2008
  • Herd accredited for BVD in 2010
  • All cows annually tested for Johne's
  • All animals are vaccinated for BVD and Lepto
  • All breeding stock marker vaccinated for IBR
  • In a 4-year TB test area










Now the aim is to minimise disease problems by running a closed herd policy, with only Charolais and Salers bulls bought in.