Lleyn Sheep

We bought our first Lleyns in 1999 when we were looking for a sheep breed with similar easy care qualities to the Salers. We had become frustrated with our previous breed which would only last 4 crops on our type of land/system and was expensive to replace. We were very impressed with the Lleyn's ability to rear 5 or 6 crops and still be correct to sell on as a draft ewe. We have gradually increased our numbers and now run 500 Lleyn ewes.
We record all our ewes for fertility, feet and legs, teat size and health which has proved a valuable tool and allowed us to reduce hassle at lambing time. We run feminine Lleyns to keep the trademark maternal qualities and their ability to wean two good lambs every year. The flock is M.V Accredited and has been closed for several years with only new stock tups being bought in. We also vaccinate all sheep with Heptvac P+ prior to lambing

We sell Tups, Ewe lambs and Gimmers at the Carlisle Lleyn Society sale in September and also have stock available for sale privately throughout the year.


All wether lambs are fattened on farm and sold at Lanark Auction Mart.